Futurists make lots of predictions, and usually by the time they can be tested they’ve been long forgotten. That’s great when we get them wrong (which is a lot more often than we’d like!) but I take pleasure in claiming I got one right. In this post I wrote:

So what’s the next paradigm shift? From this list, probably nuclear power. After that, perhaps, a loosening of political correctness in climatology.

Nuclear power is moving slowly, but I had never expected a loosening of PC in climatology as fast as is evidenced by things like this interview with Judith Curry, chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Georgia Tech:

Curry: We need climate glasnost: openness, transparency, and freedom of information. Scientists who engage in advocacy activities generate lack of confidence in their science, both from within the scientific community and from the public. The public should expect accountability from our major institutions, particularly the IPCC.

or this editorial on the CBC (Canada’s national public broadcaster):

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