Proposal: IMM/Foresight recruitment booth at science conferences

from the community-relations dept.
alison writes "I propose that IMM/Foresight have a booth at the exhibit or trade show of a major scientific or engineering meeting. The purpose of such a booth would be to recruit new members from the technical community, and in particular, to recruit folks who are players in nanotechnology research."

Read more for the details of alison's proposal. alison writes

"This recruitment is the most successful way for IMM/Foresight to influence the direction of nanotechnology policy. I would be willing to support 50% of the cost of such a booth. The type of meeting I'm thinking of is, for example, the American Assocation for Advancement of Science (AAAS) annual meeting, the Materials Research Society (MRS) biannual meetings, the American Physical Society (APS) March meeting, or the American Chemical Society (ACS) annual meeting. I'm sure that there are equivalent biochemistry or biology meetings, but am ignorant of them.

"The theoretical booth would ideally be staffed by IMM/Foresight employees who can speak authoritatively for the Institutes. I suggest that IMM/Foresight have a booth at a Bay Area meeting to minimize travel costs. The MRS spring meeting is held every April in San Francisco. I'm sure that there are other meetings to be held in the Bay Area in 2001-2002 that would be appropriate. If you know of any, please follow-up with your suggestions.

"I note that if copies of Nanosystems are made available at such a booth, the exhibit show could be a successful fundraiser for IMM/Foresight. Even if a booth did not raise a lot of money in the form of new memberships and book sales, it would help to dispel negative attitudes towards IMM/Foresight as long as scientist-frightening concepts like immortality, uploading and space travel are de-emphasized."

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