Quickie intro to nanoinvesting mostly useful, but only mostly

A very quick intro to nanotech investing in Wired News by Joanna Glasner includes some very good advice that one hopes anyone contemplating such an investment will pay close attention to, such as: “Beware of marketing labels: If a company has ‘nano’ in its name, [Matthew Nordan of Lux Research] cautions, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s on the cutting edge of nanotechnology. Dig into the technology behind potential investments before you place a bet.”

Unfortunately the piece also includes this quote: ” ‘The concept of self-replicating molecular machines is science fiction,’ said Darrell Brookstein, an investment adviser and author of the book Nanotech Fortunes. ‘It’s not a matter of waiting 30 years to develop them. They’re never going to develop.’ ” His book seems okay for those making near-term investments, but for technical analysis of what is theoretically possible in the long term, I’ll go with Freitas and Merkle on this issue. See their book.

Say Darrell, how about debating Ralph at our upcoming conference?

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