Radical Life Extension goes Mainstream

from the planning-for-the-long-term dept.
Forever Young: "Suppose You Soon Can Live to Well Over 100, As Vibrant and Energetic as You Are Now. What Will You Do With Your Life?" Writing in the October 13, 2002 edition of the Washington Post, Staff Writer Joel Garreau provides another example of the growing interest of mainstream media in radical life extension. Garreau begins by listing still sexy 50-, 60-, 70- and 80-year-olds who have pioneered agelessness "using what some would call primitive means — exercise and diet, for example, antibiotics and vaccines, makeup and plastic surgery." He proceeds to consider the reasons why it mght become possible to "slow, halt or actually reverse aging."

Eminent technologists who believe science will evolve so fast in their lifetimes that they will energetically live a very long time, if not be effectively immortal, include William Haseltine, CEO of Human Genome Sciences in Rockville, who soon may be biotech's first billionaire; Ray Kurzweil, a member of the National Inventors Hall of Fame and winner of the National Medal of Technology; and Eric Drexler, a leading apostle of atomic-level manufacturing and author of "Engines of Creation."

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