Recent Advances in the Nanotechnology World

Roland Piquepaille writes "What a flurry of activity in the nanotechnology world these days. Sandia researchers have unveiled a self-assembly process forming durable nanocrystal arrays, paving the way for laser light, catalysts and new memory storage. The American Chemical Society says that scientists have developed nanotube transistors operating at extremely fast microwave frequencies (2.6 GHz) that could lead to better cell phones and faster computers. At Lehigh University, researchers have found that 'nanogold' does not glitter, but its future looks bright as it turns into a semiconductor. Meanwhile, researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory have developed a nanobiosensor technology that gives new access to living cell's molecular processes. You'll find short excerpts of these stories in this news roundup, which also includes images of the nanoprobe from ORNL and of the self-assembled, well-shaped gold nanocrystal arrays from SNL."

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