Report on Royal Society atomic manipulation meeting

David Bradley Science Writer writes "The Royal Society recently held a meeting on atomic manipulation. You can read a summary report of the meeting by a freelance science writer on the RS site available as a PDF file here."

David Bradley continues:

Introduction: The world on a nanoscale
The world of nanoscience is an exciting one, with a great future. But, the operative word is science, not technology. There is still much work to be done in building the world of nanotechnology. As meeting Chair, Professor Richard Palmer of the University of Birmingham, pointed out in his opening remarks researchers are focusing on a handful of key aspects of organising matter. Firstly, they are looking into the how, the mechanism by which atoms can be moved from A to B. Secondly, they are discovering what kinds of structures and architectures might be possible and how stable they are. Thirdly, scientists are beginning to investigate the properties both physical and quantum of their nanoscale systems. Finally, this is leading to concepts for the kind of applications that might be possible.

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