Researchers measure electron waves in nanotubes

from the molectronics dept.
Using a scanning electron probe, a research team led by Cees Dekker of the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands has imaged the undulations of electron waves in carbon nanotubes. In addition to illuminating basic properties of electron conduction in nanotubes, their results also confirm theoretical predictions that electrons in metallic nanotubes moved along two different electron "bands" that can interfere with each other. A member of the research team said it may be possible to manipulate these electrons to make them interfere with each other and create a circuit. The work was reported in the 9 August 2001 issue of Nature.
Additional details are available on the Nature website, and from an article from the Nature Science Update website.

Dekker and his research team also reported in July 2001 that they had created a single-electron transistor (SET) made from a single carbon nanotube,

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