Robin Hanson and Brian Wang Tonight on Fast Forward Radio

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Tonight on Fast Forward Radio

Economist Robin Hanson and futurist Brian Wang join us as we continue our special series leading up Foresight 2010. The conference, January 16-17 in Palo Alto, California, provides a unique opportunity to explore the convergence of nanotechnology and artificial intelligence and to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Foresight Institute.

10:00 Eastern/9:00 Central/8:00 Mountain/7:00 Pacific.

Robin Hanson  Considers Transhumanism

Truth be told, folks who analyze the future but don’t frame their predictions or advice in terms of standard ideological categories are largely ignored, because few folks actually care much about the future except as a place to tell morality tales about who today is naughty vs. nice. It would be great if those who really cared more directly about the future could find each other and work together, but alas too many others want to pretend to be these folks to make this task anything but very hard…

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Note that Robin will debate his online critic Mencius Moldbug at the Senior Associates reception at the conference, as well as giving his formal talk on the economics of nanotech and AI during the conference proper.

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