Russia's nanotechnology "corporation"

Here in the U.S. we set up nanotechnology corporations all the time. There’s some paperwork involved, and some legal fees. The founders, angel investors, and VCs might sit on the board.

In Russia, they still do things differently:

Putin Inked Bill on Nanotechnology Corp

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has inked the Bill on Russia’s Nanotechnology Corp., Rosnanotekh, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the president’s site. The bill spells out procedures how to create the corporation and how to wind it up.

Under the president’s bill, Rosnanotekh will be controlled by its Supervisory Board, Management Board, General Director, Audit Commission and Research Board. The Supervisory Board will include five representatives of the president, two spokesmen of the State Duma, two envoys of the Federation Council and five representatives of the government. One more member will be the president-appointed general director of Rosnanotekh.

Whew! Glad I don’t work there. But do they give stock options? —Christine

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