Biotech and Health Extension Launch 2022

The next year will be very exciting, with an expansion of the Biotech and Health Extension program and an excellent lineup of speakers as well as more events every month.  We also get to hear updates from some of our Biotech fellows and key community leaders.


Key Takeaways:


  • The 2022 year program is available online to Biotech group members
  • We are building a tech tree with a bounty system, with lots of interactivity mechanisms
  • Reports of last years program are available online on the Foresight website
  • There will be focus sessions for Alliance for Longevity Initiatives to push policy on capital hill
  • We are also holding investor Q&A’s for the first few months
  • The Foresight Fellowship supports talented people in the biotech industry. Brad English, Delphine Larrieu, Iosif Gershteyn, Alexander Fedintsev, Maryna Polyakova, Tatyana Dobreva, Nikola Markov, Yuri Deigin, and Juanita Mathews spoke about their backgrounds and current work.  The full list of fellows can be found online on the Foresight website.
  • We are launching a Neurotech group this year
  • Lou Hawthorne spoke about nanots – a form of injectable pheresis
  • Frank Weichold spoke about his experience and expertise at the FDA
  • Nathan Cheng gave a brief overview of the OnDeck program for longevity
  • Laurence Ion let everyone know about the upcoming in person meetup and explained VitaDAO
  • Dima Syrotkin updated us on Longhack, a competition for building tools for longevity