Intelligent Cooperation Launch 2022

The Intelligent Cooperation group includes AI, machine learning, distributed computing, quantum computing, and cryptography technologies.  The 2022 program is outlined in this discussion, and we get updates on current work from several Foresight fellows as well as mentors and past fellows.


Key Takeaways:


  • Many intelligent cooperation tech tree nodes were created at vision weekend
  • In-person meetings are going to be a high priority
  • Seminar summaries of the 2021 program are online at the Foresight website
  • An Intelligent Cooperation book club is starting in March
  • We heard from Foresight fellows Phillip Koellinger, Rosie Campbell, Darren Zhu, Jamie Joyce, David Manheim, Gaia Dempsey, Primavera de Filippi, Christine Lemmer-Webber, Jazear Brooks, and Joshua Tan.
  • Foresight Mentors and senior Foresight fellows also shared updates
  • Amir Banifatemi spoke about his involvement as manager of X-Prize and his experience managing prize systems
  • Dean Tribble talked about developing smart contracts
  • Mark Miller of Agoric described his dream of decentralized cooperation and a smart contract legal system
  • Richard Mallah covered his interests in AI safety and AI cooperation
  • Eugene Leventhal works on desci, decentralized science, issuing grants to researchers
  • Oliver Sauter is developing an online research tool
  • Dan Elton is pursuing AI for medical imaging and AI safety