Molecular Machines group launch 2022

The Foresight Institute was founded on the vision of molecular machines and nanotechnology.  New Foresight fellows described their work and interests, and the current plan for the next year of events was laid out.


Key Takeaways:


  • Foresight fellows Kunyu Wang, Dusan Kolarski, Giulio Ragazzon, Charlie McTernan, Simon Krause, Stefan Borsley, and Yuanning Feng described their fields of interest within the domain of nanotechnology.
  • Ben Reinhardt laid out the schedule of keynote talks and seminars for the next year and also briefly spoke about his PARPA effort (Privatized ARPA).
  • The technology tree project be used for notetaking as well as mapping out progress in the molecular machines technology domain.
  • This group is a mechanism for coordination between the molecular machines members, suggestions for topics of future talks are appreciated and will be integrated into the program
  • It is encouraged to fill out the member registry
  • Larissa described her work as well
  • The rest of the launch meeting was held off the record