The Alliance for Longevity Initiatives is the first and only 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization founded with the goal of creating social and political action around the issues of increasing human health and lifespan. A4LI works with healthcare leaders and experts in the geroscience and regenerative medicine fields to ensure the initiatives we pursue most directly reflects the needs of said communities. Ultimately, we would like to see governments around the world prioritize keeping their citizens in excellent health for much longer.


Alliance for Longevity Initiatives Q&A Session

  • We haven’t seen numbers on how much the government could save by making strides toward longevity
  • Retirement age will be modified alongside longevity, are we able to solve the political and economic arguments that come along with that?
  • A4LI is going to start by getting politicians to talk about longevity first, then hopefully it expands public awareness and interest.
  • Ultimately A4LI wants to do public lobbying alongside direct-to-politician lobbying.
  • Successful 501c4 organizations seem to have $10-50 million budgets, but A4LI feels like it could be effective at any level
  • A PAC is going to be made in the next several weeks to allow contributions to politicians
  • It is time to start inviting staffers to scientific conferences and meetings
  • The Regenerative Medicine Advanced Therapies pathway is a potential model for altering regulations to make them more amenable to longevity, but until the longevity caucus is formed there won’t be much action to change things with the FDA
  • Biomarkers are still an extremely important issue
  • American Aging Association, Alliance for Aging Research, and others have attempted to lobby for government support but were not successful
  • It’s unclear what Big Pharma’s stance is on aging and whether their lobbying efforts are interested
  • There’s an annual meeting for A4LI in Washington DC which will be held in September
  • The Longevity Dividend can be a compelling economic argument for politicians
  • A4LI’s ability to lobby will be directly related to their ability to fundraise, and the organization can use any available support