With special guest Gernot Heiser, sel4.  My primary occupation is leading research in and evangelizing for the Trustworthy Systems (TS) Group, aiming at making software systems truly trustworthy, i.e., secure, safe, and dependable. Prime application areas are safety- and security-critical cyber-physical systems such as aircraft, cars, medical devices, critical infrastructure, and national security. I also teach Advanced Operating Systems to a group of excellent students with a tendency to masochism. The course has, over the years, produced many Heroes of Operating Systems and has been copied at a number of universities. It also has its own prize for the best-performing student, the Advanced Operating Systems Prize. In 2006 I founded Open Kernel Labs (OK Labs) for commercializing L4 microkernel technology. I served as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) from 2006–2010 and as a Director from 2006 until OK’s acquisition by General Dynamics in August 2012.

This video is part of Foresight’s Gaming the Future Book Club on  Chapter 8. DEFEND AGAINST CYBER THREATS | Computer Security