Saudi Arabia to fund separate women's nanotechnology

Arab News reports that Saudi Arabia is building separate nanotechnology R&D facilities for women to use:

As part of the government’s drive to empower women, a scientific research center will be established in Riyadh with modern facilities for nanotechnology, biotechnology and information technology…

“The center will focus on advanced technologies and activities that are suitable to the nature of women in the Kingdom. It will have advanced workshops for nanotechnology, biotechnology and information technology,” said Prince Turki ibn Saud…

“The center will provide a conducive atmosphere for women to carry out research works,” said Saleh Al-Athel…

This reminds us what a diverse world we live in. In contrast, the first woman student was admitted to MIT in 1870, and in 1883 we find this in the Institute’s minutes:

Voted: that in view of the facilities afforded by the new chemical laboratories, and in pursuance of the wishes of the benefactors of the Woman’s Laboratory, the present so-called Woman’s Laboratory will be discontinued and students will be admitted to the Kidder Laboratories without distinction of sex.

It will be interesting to see which approach produces the best women’s nanotechnology. So far, it appears that MIT is ahead. (Credit: Meridian)

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