Sharp Gamma Hologram; Delicate Atom Measurement

from the precision-vision dept.
ChrisPhoenix notes these two items on work that probes the fine structure of materials and atoms:
"According to a Physics News Update article, A Sharp Gamma-Ray Hologram, physicists in Krakow have made a gamma ray hologram of an iron crystal resulting in 3D images of the local crystal structure with half-angstrom spatial resolution. They've solved the "twin image" problem and hope to be mapping local magnetic environment soon. The article describes the difference between gamma ray holography and X-ray holography.

"Another physnews article, The Most Spherical Thing, describes a search for electric dipoles in atoms. The interesting thing is the precision of the measurement. They looked for a change in precession, and couldn't find it at a level of 0.4 nano-Hz. This corresponds to an energy shift of less than 2.6 x 10-43 Joule, the smallest that has ever been measured. After nanotech comes femtotech…"

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