Singapore pursues Atom Technology & atomically precise manufacturing

Nanotechnology Now brings news of a recent Atom Technology workshop in Singapore featuring dual Foresight Institute Feynman Prize winner Christian Joachim, Feynman Prize founder Jim Von Ehr of Zyvex Labs and Zyvex Asia, and Foresight Roadmap participant Damian Allis of Syracuse University:

Atom Technology is IMRE’s flagship program led by well known scientist Prof. Christian Joachim from France and world leading nanotechnology company Zyvex in the USA. Atom Technology in IMRE focuses on molecular electronics device research headed by Prof. Joachim and atomic precise manufacturing (APM) in partnership with its industry partner Zyvex Asia (sister company of Zyvex Labs in the United States which is leading the DARPA funded APM program. The workshop is to showcase IMRE’s effort in scientific and technological frontier of the ultimate electronic device and manufacturing R&D. The Atom Technology program has a very interesting balance between basic research and industry application which was nicely presented at the workshop specially by Prof. Joachim, First Class Director of Research at the France Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)) and Mr James Von Ehr (Founder and President of Zyvex Corporation and a visionary of nanotechnology).

Prof Christian Joachim, who is also a visiting scientist under the A*STAR Visiting Investigator Programme (VIP) attached to IMRE, presented his vision and progress on the ultimate atomic and molecular transistors. Mr Jim Von Ehr presented his vision and his industry “making things and sell” approach towards atomic precise manufacturing, the ultimate manufacturing with digital design and atomic precision that will revolutionize how we make things today, like the way how semiconductor manufacturing has transform our lives.

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