Small investors get another nanotech option…sort of

It’s hard for small investors to participate in nanotechnology. Harris & Harris has been one of the few options available. Now there’s another: Nanoventure N.V. ( machine translation of home page) has made an initial public offering on the Frankfurt exchange:

Eindhoven, June 13, 2006 – Nanoventure N.V. was successfully listed on the Open Market at the Frankfurt stock exchange today…

Nanoventure N.V. will position itself as an investment company focussing nano- and micro-system technologies as well as related technology areas. Nanotechnology is expected to have a significant technological and economic impact in the future and will have the potential to change processes and products in entire industries. Nanoventure N.V. aims to build a well-balanced portfolio of investment companies in all areas of nanotechnology such as nano-analytics, new materials and nano-structures.

All areas of nanotechnology — and micro-system technologies “as well as related technology areas”. So, they are being really specific here: nanotech, microtech, or related areas. Perhaps this isn’t a nanotech option for small investors after all…which is not to say that it isn’t a good investment. It may be great; it’s just not confined to nano. —Christine

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