Spielberg readies AI, the movie.

Mark Gubrud writes "Steven Spielberg plans to release a new movie about Artificial Intelligence, AI as a summer blockbuster starting in June. The movie's official website gives a few clues to what the plot is about, but if there is an official synopsis, I did not find it. There are pointers to related sites which appear to be put-ups, allegedly the homepages of pro- and anti-AI groups, including an "anti-robot militia" which revels in homemade high-tech weaponry to be used in the destruction of "non-human sentients."

[Editor's note: Spielberg's movie is apparently the result of his taking over the project for a movie about AI which the late Stanley Kubrick (the director of 2001: A space odyssey) had been working on for some years.]

Mark adds "While researching about the AI movie, I came across the very useful website AI Topics from the American Association for Artificial Intelligence. There is a subpage on the movie, plus many links to other high-quality resources on artificial intelligence and related topics."

Read more for additional comments . . . Mark Gubrud writes "I'm hopeful that the movie will turn out to be an old-fashioned shoot-'em up, blow-'em up gutfest, sort of like the first 20 minutes of Saving Private Ryan extended for the whole fun-packed last hour out of a 90-minute movie, except that the victims would all be computers and robots, blasted apart in all kinds of creative ways. Stacked silicon wafers splintering out of the crainums of tuxedoed robo-waiters, pink hydraulic fluid shooting out of severed robot necks and splahing on the opulent post-long-boom furnishings. Think Battlebots, Spielberg style. But I'm a bit apprehensive, too. Wouldn't the man who gave us Close Encounters and E.T. be likely to spawn some cuddly-wuddly Artificial Intellect that only wanted to be understood? A bad sign: The official movie poster teases about an "11-year old boy" whose "love is real" although "he is not." I want the recipe for that hommade bazooka."

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