Stock offering shows investor enthusiasm for nanotech

from the place-your-bets dept.
Enthusiasm of investors for nanotechnology is evidenced by the warm reception given a recent offering of stock by a company that invests in nanotechnology companies that are not themselves publicly traded. Harris & Harris Group Receives Subscriptions For 2,634,614 Shares Of Stock In Rights Offering, available at, quotes Harris & Harris CEO Charles E. Harris, "… we can only interpret this successful Rights Offering as strong testimony to our shareholders' desire to put money to work through the Company in tiny-technology enabled investments. We certainly thank our fellow shareholders for their support."

Harris & Harris Group is a publicly traded venture capital company that intends to concentrate its future investments exclusively in tiny technology, including nanotechnology, microsystems and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). At this year's Annual Meeting, shareholders will be asked to change the name of the Company to Tiny Technology Venture Capital, Inc.

According to the article quoted above, Harris & Harris Group has a long history of investing in numerous nanotechnology companies, from Nanophase Technologies Corporation in 1994 through Continuum Photonics, Inc in June 2002.

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