Student work a step toward an assembler?

from the budding-nanotechnologists dept.
Stuart Scott spotted this article from InfoWorld reprinted on the Small Times website: "There is an article in Small Times about the work of a summer intern that could be useful."

The article describes the work of Alex Wissner-Gross, a student intern at the MITRE Corporation in 1998 (he is now at MIT) in developing a system using "pattern structures to manipulate nanoscale objects. Alex's improvement generates millions of "nanofingers." These fingers might be used one day to handle multiple molecular-scale objects and possibly lead to mass-produced nanoscale computers."

The article actually devotes greater length to the excellent student intern program at MITRE, which has generated some excellent work in the field of nanotechnology under the guidance of James Ellenbogen, the Principal Scientist in the Nanosystems Group and also head of MITRE's summer employee program. An alumnus of the program, Christopher Love, won the 2000 Foresight Distinguished Student Award for his work in architectures for molecular electronic computers and nanomanipulation of structures on surfaces. He has contributed to nanotechnology research for seven years at three major U.S. research laboratories, starting in MITRE's Nanosystems Group at age 16.

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