Studying the future of nanotechnology

It’s a challenge to study something that hasn’t happened yet, but they’re taking a shot at it over at the Center for Nanotechnology in Society at Arizona State University, as part of a lecture series titled Studying the Future of Nanotechnology: Establishing Empirical and Conceptual Foundations (pdf). Powerpoint slides and mp3 recordings are now available for the first six talks in this series:

“Thinking Longer Term about Technology” Christine Peterson
“Nano-ethics through the Writing of Science Fiction” Rosalyn Berne
“Nanotechnologies for Tomorrow’s Society” Lieve Goorden et al.
“New Communication Strategies Will Guide Future of Nanotechnology” Griffith A. Kundahl
“Nanotechnology: the Next Frontier” Meyya Meyyappan
“Technology Assessment of Nanotechnology – Problems and Methods in Assessing Emerging Technologies” Ulrich Fiedeler

It’s worth accepting an invitation to speak in this series just to see their Biodesign Institute, where the talks are held. Try to get your kid into their high school summer internship program.

Two additional CNS-ASU talk slide sets and one more MP3 are available on the Center’s archive page. —Christine

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