We will discuss the concept of a health commons, which allows individuals who pool their health data to share in the downstream value that data.

This discussion will touch on potential benefits, structures, and existing prototypes of health commons on different levels, from to society-wide concepts, to smaller non-profit structures, and potential local applications for members of this group. Given how many people in our community are currently experimenting with different diets, supplements, and health tracking regimes, it could make sense to set one up for this group specifically.

Hong Jiang, Kevin Perrott, Brian Delaney, Keith Comito, and Steve Fowkes have previously explored different versions of this idea and will open up with the value they may deliver before we discuss as a group.

Kevin will discuss OpenCures, which is building a Health Commons by engaging customers in the creation of the OpenCures Database of Human Multiomics which serves as a common resource enabling the massive parallelization of research focused on minimizing time to the development of interventions in disease.

Brian will share some thoughts about the importance of ending the ‘tragedy of idle data.’

Steve will take a critical angle, commenting on problems of (1) privacy and (2) data analysis of variations on protocols.