Swedes claim leadership in composite nanowires

from the publication-priority dept.
A press release (26 February 2002) issued by researchers at the Lund Institute of Technology (LTH), Lund University in Sweden claims, ìEurope is one step ahead of the US in the development of a new type of semiconductor structure consisting of incredibly thin nano threads.ì The claim refers to recent announcements (see Nanodot posts on 1 February and 26 February 2002) of research to create cylinder-shaped nanoscopic nanowire bundles that interweave substances with different compositions and properties, so that well-defined junctions and interfaces with potentially important functionalities are incorporated within individual nanowires. The alternating bands of different semiconductor materials in the super-thin wires serve as electron and photon manipulators. According to the release, which seems largely to have been issued to establish publication priority, a Swedish team headed by Professor Lars Samuelson at the LTH, has taken the lead in this field of research. ìIn nano threads, we can combine semiconductor materials that no one has previously been able to grow. This results in entirely new electrical properties: a single electron can be monitored and made to run a unidimensional electronic steeplechase,î says Professor Samuelson.

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