Swiss center for micro- and nanoscience

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Small Times reports the opening of a nanotechnology laboratory in a Swiss Institute that has an impressive track record in creating spinoff firms from its research: New Zurich Nanotech Lab Will Help Advance Industry. Small Times correspondent Valerie Thompson reports:

A new laboratory equipped with $7 million worth of equipment and $13 million worth of clean room infrastructure opened this month at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich.

The nano and microtechnology facility, called FIRST (an acronym for Frontiers in Research, Space and Time), is staffed by a team of researchers who are required to balance basic research and joint R&D projects with high tech companies.

Current projects include active photonic components in small lasers, electron beam nanolithography, and nanopatterning using an atomic force microscope tip to apply electric charges to "write" lines 50-nm wide.

See Nanodot post of May 24 2001 for overview of Swiss programs in nanoscience and technology.

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