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A practical guide for those who want to steer the future toward positive outcomes by helping Foresight’s mission.

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Learning more about what we do and connecting with our community is the best way to start to engage – by getting familiar with our mission and our activities, you are more likely to figure out how to join our efforts in an impactful way.

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Our Updates are a quick overview of our projects each month. You can sign up here to receive those and invites to our events, and read past editions on our website.

Browse through the recording of our salons, workshops, lectures, and conferences – you can find all of them on our Youtube channel.

Explore our past workshops and their white papers.

Collaborate on Existential Hope is a global progress tracker for the different fields we need to solve to secure a positive future. It’s collaborative: Please contribute readings, podcasts, projects, and organizations that work toward long-term futures for humanity based on “existential hope”.

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One of the ways that you can most immediately help is to support our mission financially. Foresight Institute ® is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Donations are tax-deductible in the US to the full extent provided by law. You can claim membership level matching the amount of your contribution.

>> Make a direct contribution via PayPal or Bitcoin, Ether, LiteCoin, or ZCash.

>> Use our peer-to-peer platform to raise funds in Foresight’s name, and get granted Foresight membership status according to the amount of the contributions you obtain.

>> Set up Amazon Smile to support us (it’s really easy): for every purchase you make on the website, Amazon will redirect 0.5% of their profit to Foresight.

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>> Take things in your own hands: What are your strength and ideas on how to contribute? Get in touch with