Foresight Institute’s Tech Tree Project

Foresight Technology Trees

Nanotech, Neurotech, Healthspan, Space, Intelligent Cooperation

There are many areas in longevity, nanotechnology, brain-computer interfaces, private computing, and space tech that could benefit from support. For outside funding and talent it can be hard to find out how to help. To aid coordination, technology trees provide an overview of the field, existing work and open challenges.

Led by domain expert interviews, our tech tree architects are building trees to map the main areas, projects, and open challenges in longevity, atomically precise manufacturing, brain-computer interfaces, private ML, and asteroid mining. Long-term, the trees will integrate across domains.

This hackathon, with judges including Balaji Srinivasan, 1729, Evan Miyazono, Protocol Labs, Trent McConaghy, Ocean Protocol, is for building better tech tree mapping software. The goal is to open the trees up to crowd-sourcing and funding, so that innovators can chart desired paths through the tech forests. First prototypes with their bounties can be found below.

Molecular Machines Tree

Nanotech Tree

Neurotech Tree

Neurotech Tree

Intelligent Cooperation Tree

Intelligent Cooperation Tree

Space Technology Tree

Space Tree

Longevity Tree

Longevity Bounties

Longevity Tree
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Pioneer Team

Molecular Machines

Yuanning Feng

  • Postdoctoral Fellow at Northwestern University

  • Nobel Laureate Stoddart’s Mechanostereochemistry group


Maryna Polyakova

  • Researcher at Max Planck Institute for human cognitive and brain sciences

Intelligent Cooperation

Yingtong Lai

  • Senior engineer at electric coin co.

  • Prior Ethereum research scientist


Romain Fontaine

  • European Space Agency


Aaron King

  • Research Director, Foresight Institute

Advisors – Space Technology Tree

Creon Levit

Chief Technologist – Planet Labs

Adam Brown

Theoretical Physicist – Stanford University

Molecular Machines Tree

Eric Drexler

Senior Research Fellow, Future of Humanity Institute (Oxford)

David Leigh

Royal Society Research Professor, University of Manchester

Adam Marblestone

CEO, Convergent Research

Neurotech Tree

Todd Huffman

CEO at E11 Bio

David Eagleman

Stanford Professor, CEO of Neosensory

Randal Koene

Neuroengineer, Co-founder of CarbonCopies

Intelligent Cooperation Tree

Evan Miyazono

Protocol Labs Research Team Lead

Georgios Kaissis

Assistant Professor at University of Munich, Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

Trent McConaghy

Ocean Protocol

Chip Morningstar


Longevity Tree

Alexander Fedintsev

Machine Learning Engineer at Wolt


CEO and Co-founder of Repair Biotechnologies

Greg Fahy

Cryobiologist, CSO and Co-founder at Intervene Immune

Christine Peterson

Co-founder of Foresight Institute

General Advisory

Amir Banifatemi

XPrize General Manager

Matthias Roder

Co-founder and managing partner at The Mindshift

Alexey Turchin

Co-founder of the Longevity Party