Tech Finance News: VC interest in nanotech

from the here-comes-the-nanobubble dept.
Tech Finance News (19Mar01) ran a cover story entitled Nanotechnology Turns Heads: "Anticipated breakthroughs in nanotechnology and their impact on IT are prompting investors to take notice of the fledgling molecular technology companies… Some, who are already convinced of the promise of the nascent technology, plan to step-up or make initial investments in the space. Nanotechnology, in general, treats atoms as computers treat bits of information…" Funders mentioned include Mission Ventures, Cross Atlantic Capital Partners, Amadeus Capital Partners, Charmex Ventures, and Durlacher. Read More for quotes. Jeffrey Starr of Mission Ventures: "We want to be ahead of the wave in this area."

Richard Fox of Cross Atlantic Capital Partners: "Five to 10 years from now we expect to see the commercialization of nanotechnology as the new wave."

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