Technical tutorial on nanotech needed

from the newbies-wishing-to-be-oldbies dept.
Folks, we need to do a good web-based tutorial on nanotechnology, unless there is already one out there. –CP
AmarShibli writes "I am a high school student interested in nanotechnology. I have chosen this as the topic for my Intel-Westinghouse project. So far, on the internet, I have only been able to find very vague articles on the prospects of nanotech, and no specifics on how things are done and current research, tools of research, etc. I was hoping, since you all seem to know so much about this subject, that you may be able to inform me of a place where I can get more technical information, and I can really begin to understand it much better. My physics teacher is willing to help me with anything that I don't understand from the material I read, and if he doesn't understand it, there is a professor I can call. Also, my school is willing to pay for any restricted-access websites or books that I might want to invest in. Thank you for your help. Please e-mail me at [email protected] if you have any information, or just reply to this message. Thanks again. –Amar" If your info will be useful to others, please post it as replies here rather than sending email. –CP

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