The Internet Archive – Brewster Kahle at Foresight Vision Weekend 2018

X-Hope Scenarios: Vision Weekend Synthesis – Joon Yun, Bryce Hidysmith, Dan Barcay, Peter Eckersley

Bio and Nanotechnology: Existential Hope Scenarios – Jun Axup, Jane Frommer

Artificial Intelligence: Existential Hope Scenarios – Mark Miller, Jessica Cussins, De Kai

Cyberspace: Existential Hope Scenarios – Brewster Kahle, John Gilmore

Health Tech: Existential Hope Scenarios – Aubrey de Grey, Joon Yun, Steven Boyer, Joe Betts-Lacroix

Cryptocommerce & Blockchains: XHope Scenarios- Tom Ding, Danny O’Brien, Bryce Hidysmith, Mark Miller

Towards Futures of Existential Hope – Foresight Institute

Accelerating Toward Existential Hope – Allison Duettmann

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