Career Counseling with Christine Peterson

Summary: Career Counseling w/ Christine PetersonChristine Peterson is Co-founder and former President of Foresight Institute. She lectures and writes about nanotechnology, AI, and longevity. She is co-author of Unbounding the Future: the Nanotechnology Revolution (Morrow, also free online) and Leaping the Abyss: Putting Group Genius to Work (knOwhere Press, also free online).

Foresight Mentorship with Jaan Tallinn

Career Counseling with Sonia Arrison

Presenter Sonia Arrison, 100+ Capital Sonia is a longevity investor via her company 100+ Capital, a women’s investor group called Portfolia, and advises BioVerge here in Silicon Valley. She also spends time helping the Alliance for Longevity Initiatives (A4LI). She is helping A4LI streamline the political processes for advancing longevity research and therapies. When Sonia… Continue reading Career Counseling with Sonia Arrison

Tom Kalil | Foresight Fellows Career Counseling

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