Tensile Strength of Carbon Nanotubes Measured

from the is-that-a-beanstalk-in-your-pocket? dept.
Alison Chaiken tells us of a story in the newsletter Physical Review Focus (from the American Physical Society) about how a U.S. team has now made the most direct measurements yet of the strength of carbon nanotubes. "The results confirm that nanotubes are among the strongest of all known materials, and the measurement technique is likely to lead to a more detailed characterization of nanotubes in the future. (Min-Feng Yu et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 84, 5552.)"

Alison adds, "This is the work that Rod Ruoff and his students presented at the 1999 Fall Foresight Conference. " The abstract is online but viewing the full paper (in Physical Review Letters) requires a subscription or purchase.

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