Test your nanotechnology IQ

Test your nanotechnology IQ

Our friends over at Nanowerk have put together a light-hearted little nanotechnology IQ test which nanotech trackers might enjoy.

Some questions are fun:

Question 12: Which of these well-known phrases from Star Trek depends on the (fictional) use of nanotechnology?

Some not so much:

Question 19: A silver coin with a diameter of 4 cm (such as the U.S. silver dollar) has a surface area of about 27.7 square cm. If you break this coin up into silver nanoparticles of 1 nm each, what would their combined surface area be?

If you get 100% right, or think you found an error in the scoring, post a comment and brag. (I got 18 out of 20 — “Well done! You certainly know your stuff” — but would dispute question 14 and tweak the answer to question 6 slightly.) —Christine

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    It’s really interesting and enjpuable. If there are more this kind of activity I kindly request you to send mem more.

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