The Most Expensive Nanotubes in the World?

Roland Piquepaille writes "Scientists at the Weizmann Institute of Science (WIS) in Israel have produced a new type of nanotube made of gold or silver. These nanotubes, which are produced at room temperature, don't have the mechanical strength of the more common carbon nanotubes. But they have unique electrical and optical properties, making them ideally suited "to form the basis for future nanosensors, catalysts and chemistry-on-a-chip systems." The story doesn't give any clues about availability for future products. It doesn't mention prices either. But considering that carbon nanotubes cost between $500 and $900 per gram, I wonder what will be the price for nanotubes made from gold. This summary contains more details and a spectacular image of gold nanoparticle nanotubes obtained with a scanning electron microscope."

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