The Top Ten Real Nanotech Products Of 2003

Roland Piquepaille writes "Despite all the hype surrounding nanotechnology, there are actually hundreds of real products available today. had the good idea to select ten nanotech products that you can purchase right now. It goes from high-performance ski wax to a breathable waterproof ski jacket, or from an OLED digital camera to performance sunglasses coated with nanofilm layers 150 nanometers thick. My two preferred products are a $250 tennis racket, with a 3-ball pack of nanotech tennis balls to go with it, at a cost of $4.49. And guess what, these tennis balls have already been approved by such organizations as the Davis Cup. As you can see, nanotechnology is becoming mainstream. Let's see what 2004 will bring us. This summary gives you more details about these two tennis products."

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