ThinkEquity looks at nanotech investment potential

ThinkEquity Partners has published Thinking Big About the Small World: A ThinkPiece on Nanotechnology by Stuart Pulvirent: "Nearly all industries and economies will be affected by nanotechnology developments…so will most investments…Nanotechnology is very complex 'to do' and equally complex to characterize and analyze. There are no 'nanotechnologists'. Progress requires multi-disciplinary teams of scientists, engineers and business development specialists working together. Do not expect nano-businesses to be created by college dropouts in their parent's garage or in front of their computers." True, unless the garage has a chem lab, or the business is molecular modeling…–CP From
"Stuart is a Partner and Senior Research Analyst focused on Life Sciences and Nanotechnology. Stuart also heads up ThinkEquity's Healthcare/Life Sciences research group. During a 20 year investment career, he researched equities at Prudential Securities, Lehman Brothers, Furman Selz, Zweig-DiMenna, Equinox Capital Management and Axia Capital. He won Institutional Investor All-Star honors six years in a row and was a Wall Street Journal All-Star as well. In 1997, he pioneered investment research in materials science and nanotechnology. Complementing his extensive analytical experience, Stuart held research management and training roles at Lehman Brothers and Zweig-DiMenna. Stuart holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering degree from Northwestern University and an MBA from The Wharton School."

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