Thomas Edison Envisioned Utility Fog – in 1890

from the great-minds-think-alike dept.
Adam Burke writes "I recently read this account of Thomas Edison describing utility fog, and thought it may appeal to Foresight members, who share his enthusiasm for technology:

Edison had spoken one day at dinner

. . . as if out of a great revery, saying what a great thing it would be if a man could have all the component atoms of himself under complete control, detachable and adjustable at will. "For instance," he explained, "then I could say to one particular atom in me – call it atom No. 4320 – 'Go and be part of a rose for a while.' All the atoms could be sent off to become parts of different minerals, plants, and other substances. Then, if by just pressing a little button they could be called back together again, they would bring back their experiences while they were parts of those different substances, and I should have the benefit of the knowledge."

This originally appeared in an article in Harper's Magazine (issue 80, 1890) by George Lathrop, and is recounted in Paul Israel's 1998 biography of Edison."

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