Bob Schreib Jr. writes "Dear Sirs, This is a recap of an idea that I have already submitted to pretty much all of the forensic science sites on the web. The idea is UPC-Bullet-Tagging. That is, let's use Nanotechnology techniques from the microchip industry to etch microscopic UPC (Universal Product Codes)onto tiny sections or micro-rods of ceramic or stainless steel, and install them inside of ALL newly-manufactured bullets."


"The UPCs will be the same ones on the actual box of bullets sold, when it is scanned by the grocery check-out laser scanners. Require everyone who buys bullets to use a major credit card, or driver's license ID checking procedure done electronically over the web for cash purchases. IF the bullets are used in any crime, the CSI teams can obtain the bullets from the crime scenes or bodies of the victims, extract the UPC-Tag, take a picture of it under a microscope, scan the picture with a regular UPC-laser scanner, and then use a Symbol Technologies tracking software to electronically trace the bullet to the individual person who originally purchased it. If we did this, we would save millions of dollars in crime case investigations costs, and save countless lives, because anybody considering using a gun in a crime would KNOW beforehand that the whole world can now immediately trace his fired bullets back to him. We can also use the same type of micro-lasers used by diamond jewelers to etch identification numbers in their diamonds, to etch UPCs on individual shotgun pellets as well. Anyway, please pass this idea to the REAL experts in Nanotechnology."

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