Update on EurekAlert/AAAS chat

As we have mentioned previously EurekAlert/AAAS is having monthly chats about nanotechnology. The complete chat log for this month can be found here (though I expect the location may change over the next month). It was an interesting discussion from the perspective of pointing out the mindset of current "nanotechnology" researchers. I suspect the moderator may have been overwhelmed with incoming questions but the following is interesting…

I posted two questions directly comparing biological assemblers with a Drexler type assemblers (I even cited a Science article [Science is published by AAAS] in one of the questions). So I'm rather amazed that they did not make it into the discussion. I had also posted multiple questions regarding whether the people on the panel had ever read Nanosystems or any of the Nanomedicine volumes. None of those appear to have made the cut to be presented to the panel.

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