Updates on Nanodot

In an effort to make nanodot a more concentrated news resource we have added a number of new block summaries that users may choose to add to their nanodot homepages. More… User's have always been able to add Slashdot and many other common infotech sources to their nanodot homepage. Recently added: Center for Responsible Nanotechnology, Wise-Nano, Gyre, Howard Lovy's Nanobot and Betterhumans. Also of interest may be the WTA News and the Transhumanist Mailing List. These are known to work.

Currently not working appear to be Technology Review, Science Daily and Eureka Alert. But we are working on it.

So feel free to review your "User Admin" -> "Customize Homepage" options to get the block/box selections of those information sources you most value.

If you are aware of additional sources which have RSS/RDF feeds which may be of interest to nanodot readers (ACS, EETimes, etc.) feel free to post them here and we will try to include them in the list. If you feel there are entries in the block/box list which are of lesser interest to nanodot readers feel free to suggest that they be removed as well (nobody wants to have to read through and review several hundred items to configure their home page…). Just keep in mind that we are trying to strike a balance between infotech, biotech and nanotech.

Ultimately we are trying to build a community which includes each of these facets.

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