U.S. government advice on nanotechnology careers

Nanotechnology career advice is available from the U.S. Departments of Labor and Education at CareerVoyages.gov.

It’s a pretty good place to start for people who are entirely new to the field. Most of the link lists include useful sites.

A couple of areas could use additional work. The Nanotechnology — Tools and Technology section lists three sample occupations: Machinists, Mechanical Drafters, Mechanical Engineers; probably not the ones most of us would list here. The list of four-year colleges is a good start, though if you type in a zip code, such as mine (94306), you get an odd list:

The 94306 Zip Code has 38 4-year colleges, 6 of which offer courses in the Nanotechnology industry, including:

Computer Software Engineering (New)
Industrial Engineering (New)
Ocean Engineering
Systems Engineering

Probably not the list of typical nanotech occupations that we would pick, and the number of nearby schools offering relevant courses (6) is too low. But these are quibbles: the site is a good beginning, is likely to improve over time, and should help direct students to some useful resources. —Christine

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