US House bill would establish a prize competition for nanotechnology

The SmallTimes web site reports the introduction of H.R. 6661, which establishes a prize competition for five key areas of nanotech. From “Nanotechnology prize competition bill to drive U.S. innovation“:

Congressman Dan Lipinski (D-IL) , Vice Chairman of the House Science and Technology Committee, and Congressman (R-MO) Todd Akin, have introduced H.R. 6661, the Nanotechnology Innovation and Prize Competition Act, which establishes an X-Prize competition for nanotechnology.

H.R. 6661 would stimulate public-private partnership and focus investment towards key goals. The bill identifies five key categories — green nanotechnology, alternative energy, human health, nanoelectronics, and commercialization of consumer products — and establishes a board comprised of government and private sector experts to select criteria for prize competitions.

…The bill also authorizes the government to contract with an outside organization, such as the X-PRIZE Foundation, to administer the competition. This organization, and the board, also will recruit private contributions to fund the prize awards. In this way, H.R. 6661 enables the government to leverage a relatively small amount of resources to stimulate a much greater level of investment in nanotech research.


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