U.S. Nat'l Nanotech Initiative funded at 85% for 2001

from the it's-still-a-lot-of-money dept.
Check out this Nov. 9 slide presentation by NSF's chief nanoadvisor, Mike Roco, entitled National Nanotechnology Initiative: From Vision to Implementation. Note the mentions of "nanosystems" on slides 21-22, and the funding summary on slide 12:
NSF: $97M in 2000; $150M in 2001, up 55%
Dept of Defense: $70M in 2000; $110M in 2001; up 57%
Dept of Energy: $58M in 2000 ; $93M in 2001; up 60%
NASA: $5M in 2000; $21M in 2001; up 320%
Dept of Commerce: $8M in 2000; $10M in 2001; up 25%
Nat'l Inst of Health: $32M in 2000; $39M in 2001; up 22%
TOTAL: $270M in 2000; $423M in 2001; up 57%
Clinton had requested $495 for 2001, so that's about 85% of his target. IMPORTANT: only a fraction of this funding is relevant to molecular machine systems. Care to make any estimates of that fraction?

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