Using tiny biomotors to deliver drugs

from the you-heard-it-first-at-the-Foresight-conference dept.
Bryan Hall writes "An article in BBC news reports that nanotechnology researchers have created computer simulations of the mini subs and some believe prototypes are less than a year away. The article elaborates: 'As the bacteria swam through the bloodstream they could push or pull a tiny disc, sealed within a liquid-filled cylinder. These discs could be drugs to treat tumours or break down the material lining blocked arteries. Speaking at the Foresight conference on nanotechnology in Maryland, [Eldrid Sequeira of Utah State] said: "Depending on the design we implement and with recent advances in nanoscale fabrication techniques, we could conceivably have micro-organisms power nanomachinery for extended periods of time." Eventually, the Utah team believe they could build biomotors using only the flagella from the bacteria which would mean the biomotors would be even smaller – around 100 nanometres (billionths of a metre).'
The article itself has a graphic of their computer simulation."

CP: Thanks also to coljac, whose submission pointed out that according to the article, prototypes may be only one year away.

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