Venture Capital interest in nanotech

from the here-comes-the-money dept.
The cover story of July/August Worth magazine is on Senior Associate Steve Jurvetson of VC firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson: "Jurvetson's thoughts go beyond the Internet, as far afield as the potentially even more disruptive world of nanotechnology…there will be nanobots that navigate the bloodstream to repair the body, he says, and much, much later, nano-powered chips with such speed that a computer could practically think like a human being…But where Joy foresees peril, Jurvetson joyfully foresees opportunity. At the last retreat of the Foresight Institute–which Jurvetson likened to a 'brain spa'–he received his first two business plans for nanotech start-ups…" Jurvetson is quoted: "It's starting to happen!"

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