Visionary French view of nanotechnology online

Now we can all explore a French version of the Powers of Ten, produced as part of a nanotechnology exhibit by the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie museum in Paris, brought to our attention by Foresight Senior Associate Gina Miller. Topics covered include Basics, Techniques, Uses, Ethics, “The Debate”, and Nanojourney (the powers-of-ten style graphics). From the intro to Amazing Nanoproducts:

Computer hypermemory, therapeutic nanobots, dirt-proof textiles and intelligent glazing are just some of the products nanotechnology has in store for us.

If you take the Nanojourney, your navigation will be aided by running your cursor over (or clicking on) the suitcase icon, the map icon (route planner) and then the red, green, or blue symbols that indicate different “stages” on the three “routes”. Took me a while to figure this out.

Or, skip over the navigation and go straight to the programmable nanodermal display done by Gina Miller and Robert Freitas. —Christine

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