Webcast May 30: Nanotech for space elevator

Upcoming on Tuesday, May 30, 2006, at 12:30 PM Eastern time (9:30 AM West Coast time in U.S.) is a meeting and webcast at the prestigious Wilson Center on the topic of using nanotech to build a space elevator. Michael Laine, founder and president of Liftport, Inc., who spoke on this topic at last fall’s Foresight Conference, will present:

“In 1979, celebrated science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke wrote about a space elevator that someday would transport people and cargo between the earth and planets or platforms in space. Outrageous as the concept sounds, an Earth-Sputnik-Earth elevator was proposed by a Soviet engineer in 1960. As incredible as it might seem, nanotechnology might provide the materials that could make this science fiction writers fantasy into a reality.

“Often described as a transformative technology, nanotechnology might offer the means to overcome that greatest barrier to space exploration – gravity. Today, a company based in Bremerton, Washington is working toward the goal of building a space elevator.”

The same site also has two archived webcasts on “Green Nanotechnology”. —Christine

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