Webinar on computer-aided design for nanobio

Accelrys is having a July 13 webinar, which I assume is free, on how to use their software for nanobio purposes.

They say it enables “multiscale modeling that enables seamless design from the molecular level through full device”, which is pretty impressive.

UPDATE: Yes, it’s free. —Christine

Read more for the full press release . —Christine

Accelrys NanoBiology Initiative to Guide Drug Delivery and Diagnostic
Nanodesign Solutions through Academic, Government, Industry Collaboration

Accelrys to Host Introductory Webinar and Online Discussion on July 13, 2006

San Diego, Calif., – June 27, 2006 – Accelrys, Inc. (NASDAQ: ACCL), a
leading provider of scientific solutions, today announced that it will host
a free hour-long web-based seminar introducing the Accelrys NanoBiology
Initiative, an international collaborative framework drawing on academia,
government and industry to address the critical challenges of
nanotechnology-enabled pharmaceutical and diagnostic design.

Focused on bridging the gap between the life sciences and material science
at the nanoscale, the NanoBiology Initiative offers members the opportunity
to guide the development of core modeling and workflow technologies for
speeding innovative products to market. Led by Accelrys NanoBiology
Initiative Director, Dr. Deepak Singh, the webinar will provide current and
prospective members with an overview of the Initiative as well as a forum
for discussion, questions and answers.

Date and Times:
July 13, 2006
Broadcast 1: 14:00 (GMT)/10:00 am (EDT)
Broadcast 2: 10:00 am (PDT)/1:00 pm (EDT)

To register for the Accelrys NanoBiology Initiative Introductory Webinar,

Amid rising competition from generic drug manufacturers, costly drug
failures, a stricter regulatory climate and increasing pressure from an
aging population, nanotechnology offers the pharmaceutical and diagnostic
industries new tools and materials for overcoming those obstacles and
driving future growth. As nanotechnology plays an increasingly critical
role, it is imperative that scientists and engineers are armed with the
powerful modeling, simulation and analytical tools necessary to efficiently
assess and develop these highly complex systems. The Accelrys NanoBiology
Initiative offers members the opportunity to define and prioritize the most
critical challenges in this nascent sector and directly influence the core
software solutions.

“Nanomaterials are fundamentally changing the biotechnology landscape, and
our goal is to create a new set of computer-based R&D tools capable of
anticipating those new needs and adding value every step of the way,” said
Dr. Deepak Singh. “From multiscale modeling that enables seamless design
from the molecular level through full device to workflow platforms that
automate R&D best practices across a company, the resulting technologies
will provide improved efficiencies, faster time to market, and better return
on investment for targeted medicine.”

The second of two advanced technology programs Accelrys is currently leading
in the area of nanotechnology, the NanoBiology Initiative follows on the
success of Accelrys’ Nanotechnology Consortium. Established in 2004 to guide
the development of technologies for the design and analysis of advanced
materials, the Nanotechnology Consortium has led to the creation of a robust
suite of multiscale tools for Computer Aided NanoDesign™ (CAN).

About Accelrys
Accelrys, Inc. (ACCL) is a leading provider of software and service
solutions for computation, simulation, and the management and mining of
scientific data used by biologists, chemists and materials scientists,
including nanotechnology researchers, for product design as well as drug
discovery and development. Accelrys technology and services are designed to
meet the needs of today’s leading research organizations. The company is
headquartered in San Diego, California. Its materials research and
development team is based at its European Headquarters and Centre of
Excellence in Cambridge, UK. For more information see

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