What George Bush and Ted Kennedy agree on: Nanotechnology

We already knew that U.S. President George W. Bush is bullish on nanotechnology, but look who else is on the nanotech bandwagon:

Nanotechnology research now under way at the University of Massachusetts Lowell will be a crucial part of any future economic success in both Massachusetts and the United States as a whole, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy said yesterday.

“There are many important things happening in our state today, but this is among the most important,” Kennedy said during a speech at the campus. “This is a defining aspect for our state and for our future”…

“You are where it’s at,” Kennedy said of UMass Lowell’s efforts. “It’s important that the state catch up with you. It is important that the country catch up with you. This whole concept is unlimited in terms of what it can do. Success is going to go to those states and those communities that have innovative industries and innovative technologies, and nanotechnology is right at the top.” (Emphasis added)

It’s a bipartisan nano-lovefest. But these two are on their way out. The question is, what does Barack Obama think? It’s not mentioned on his website but shows up four times at HillaryClinton.com. —Christine

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