White House endorses NNI; emphasizes anti-terror uses

from the better-security-through-smaller-sensors dept.
Small Times featured an August 22, 2002 story by correspondent Doug Brown entitled Bush Administration OKs Report Making Nano a Terror War Priority:

The White House has signed off on a report detailing the full scope and breadth of the budget request and research vision established by the National Nanotechnology Initiative, which includes a heightened commitment to using nanotechnology to fight weapons of mass destruction.

The 153-page report, National Nanotechnology Initiative: The Initiative and its Implementation Plan (an 879 KB PDF file) is labelled a "Detailed Technical Report Associated with the Supplemental Report to the President's FY 2003 Budget" and dated June 2002. The report adds a new "grand challenge" to the NNI program: "Nanotechnology for bio-chem-radiological-explosive: detection and protection (expanded and refocused Bio-Nanosensors)"

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